The Livebnp referral program

Help a Friend, Yourself And The Livebnp Inner Circle.

What Is The Referral Program?

An opportunity for you to get rewarded by helping us grow the Livebnp inner circle (our close community) and helping your friends benefit from our offering.

How Does The Program Work?

You receive a cash-back for every new member you have referred, as long as this referred person stays an active member (see amounts below).

How Do I Refer Someone?

  1. Tell your friends about your awesome experience with Livebnp (thank you for being an ambassador!)
  2. Ask your friend to mention your name at sign-up (we'll ask them)
  3. Your friend chooses either monthly, yearly, or lifetime membership
  4. Your friend becomes an active inner circle member
  5. We take good care of your friend and prepare your cashback

What Is The Cashback?

Depending on the subscription your friend chooses, the cashback is the following:

  • Monthly subscription: 5€ per active month of membership
  • Yearly subscription: 60€ per active year of membership
  • Lifetime membership: a one-time 150€ cashback 

At the end of every quarter (March, June, September, December), we transfer the total cashback to your bank account.


Questions? Contact us at [email protected]

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