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Find The Best Workout for YOU

exercise health Oct 20, 2022



Cardiovascular exercise, otherwise known as aerobic exercise is any type of exercise or movement that raises your heart rate. There are numerous different types of cardio, from walking to running, boxing, swimming, biking, and even water aerobics. The list goes on and on. Taking part in any of these activities is a great way to get your heart rate up, get the blood flowing, and release those “feel-good” endorphins. Other benefits of cardiovascular exercise are an increased number of calories burnt, enhanced sleep quality, better lung function, increased bone density, lower stress levels, and increased overall heart strength.


Resistance Training

Resistance training, also known as weight training, is the use of resistance or weights to build strength. Weight training has a ton of benefits for our bodies, and that's not just for those looking to get "big". Weight training also helps improve joint health, bone density, metabolism, as well as mobility. It is essential to building strength in our muscles, and making the progress a lot of people want to make in and out of the gym. Weight training can come in many forms as well. Starting with free weights such as dumbells or kettlebells is great. There are also medicine balls, resistance bands, and weight machines that can be found in all standard gyms, or even to use in the comfort of your own home. If you are just beginning, or don't want to invest in equipment or a gym membership, you can even make tremendous progress with just the weight of your own body and a workout video or plan.


Consider Your Lifestyle 

The most important thing when trying out new workouts and styles of exercise is that they are able to fit into your current lifestyle. If you have to change your lifestyle around the type of exercise you are trying to make yourself do, the likelihood that you will stick to it long-term is pretty low. Taking into consideration whether you enjoy working out alone, in a group setting, with a personal trainer, etc, is also important when trying new types of workouts, and will help you make the best decision. In order to figure out what type of exercise is best for you, you really want to pay attention to how you feel during and after these workouts. 


Time of Day

The time of day is also an important factor. If you aren't an early morning riser, don’t sign up for an early morning run club. If you dread working out around dinner time, maybe don’t go to that evening group fitness class. These clashes will inevitably cause you to form a negative association with the particular exercise that you are trying out, when in reality you may have thoroughly enjoyed that type of exercise, had you tried it under different circumstances. First, take a look at your schedule and decide what time of day is best for you, when you will be able to get in a workout without being too crunched for time, or worrying about making it to the next event of the day just in time. Sometimes we have busy lives and choose to squeeze in workouts here and there where we can, but ideally, find a consistent time that you can commit to a few times a week, and block it off on the calendar. 


Keep Exploring New Styles

As mentioned before, there are endless possibilities regarding the types of workouts and exercises we can choose from. Walking, running, boxing, swimming, biking, water aerobics, rowing, climbing, and weight training are just some of them. When trying to choose the type of workout that is best suited for you and your lifestyle, don't be afraid of trying lots of new things. 

You won’t know the incredible feeling of letting out all of your stress in a boxing class until you hit the bag for the first time. You won't understand the incredible silky feeling of gliding through the ocean on a sunny morning until you get out there and give it a shot. The incredible strength that surges through your body when you reach a personal best on a lift you’ve been working at for weeks. Maybe making a plan, putting some headphones in and heading into a big, organised box gym is what is going to get you excited about working out. The point is, that each person is unique, and understandably so, so are our strengths and preferences in exercise styles. You have to find what works for you.


Remember to Rest

You don't have to go ALL IN at the beginning. As you are trying out new types of exercises, maybe this is the first time you have consistently worked out or made time for exercise in a long time. Take these steps slowly, there’s no quick fix for any problem, and the same goes for exercise. You may not absolutely fall in love with the first type of workout that you try. Be patient, and keep trying. And remember not to go overboard at the beginning. Your body will be adjusting to this new, more active lifestyle, and you have to give yourself rest days as well. (Don't know the importance of rest? Check out our post about SLEEP and how it actually boosts productivity!) Burning yourself out trying new classes and sessions seven days a week is going to quickly result in a loss of motivation to try ANYTHING new, and we don’t want that.

Commit to finding a few new gyms or workouts to try over the span of a couple of months, and get a feel for what works for your body. Each body is different, and the workout that you will regularly DO is the best workout for you.

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