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Feature Highlight: The Livebnp Expert Live Calls

people well-being Dec 09, 2022



Before we begin, let's define the Livebnp Tribe. The Tribe consists of every individual who is connected with Livebnp in any way, including everyone that is subscribed to our email list, our blog, and our monthly email newsletter. And our Tribe members receive all of these great benefits completely free of cost. The Tribe is for anyone wanting to stay up to date on well-being topics through weekly blog posts from our expert coaches, receive monthly updates on what's happening behind the scenes at Livebnp through our newsletter, and be the first to hear about our new exclusive offerings.




In order to move forward and for you to fully understand the structure of Livebnp, we will also define our Inner Circle. Our Livebnp Inner Circle consists of all of our paid members who have an active subscription to Livebnp and are therefore at the heart of our community. The members of our Inner Circle have exclusive access to three primary features: our Community Forum, Expert Live Calls, and Online Courses. 


If you aren’t yet familiar with these features, you’re in the right place. This is part two of a three-part series highlighting the three primary features of our Livebnp Inner Circle. Today we are covering the Expert Live Calls. Here we are going to delve into exactly what you can expect from these biweekly calls, what types of conversations we are having, and how to get the most out of them once you form a part of the Inner Circle.



This is the second feature that you will have access to through our Livebnp Inner Circle. We have biweekly, live calls with our expert coaches over Zoom. This is a time when one of our coaches is able to specifically delve deeper into a specific topic that might be important to them, or that they have expertise in. It is an excellent opportunity for all of us, coaches and members, to learn from one of the experts on a fascinating topic. We want these calls to be a safe, open learning environment, so we cover a wide range of topics within the scope of what we teach here at Livebnp.




We have had many successful calls already, and we are loving the engagement from our Community on the various topics that we have covered. To give you an idea of what types of topics we are delving into, we have covered things from our Livebnp Well-Being Triangle, Growth, Prioritization, Morning Routines, Holiday Preparation and so much more.

During our Deep-Dive Topic calls, we typically have a presentation of about 15-20 minutes from the expert, and then we open the call up for discussion. This is an amazing and UNIQUE opportunity for our members to be able to engage with the coaches and get more answers and experience first-hand from individuals who have been on this journey they are currently on. During this time, we truly open the discussion to be able to go even deeper into these topics and share personal experiences related to the topic of the call. This is also a good opportunity to get to know our coaches better, and their specializations. 





In between our Deep-Dive Topics, we also offer specific Q&A Sessions as well. This is an even more open dialogue, where a few of our coaches will come together on a live Zoom call with our members, and answer any questions they may have. These questions can be submitted in advance to the coaching team, so that the coaches have time to prepare the questions they will respond to, however they also can be asked live on the call as different topics are discussed and questions are addressed.
Our coaches want to answer ALL of your questions. This could be anything from details on how to get the most out of one of the features of the Livebnp Inner Circle, such as the Community Forum or Online Courses, to what we think about a new well-being or fitness trend. 

Coming from such diverse backgrounds both culturally and professionally, our team of coaches is equipped to answer questions on a wide variety of topics. If you don't know our coaches personally, check out their bios here to learn more! We have everything from personal trainers, to nutritionists, professional triathlon athletes to basketball players, psychologists, minimalists, breathwork specialists, and the list goes on. 




These Expert Live Calls are one of our favourite parts of the Inner Circle! Connecting with our members is so integral to what we do, and the platform that we are offering. These calls are all opportunities for us to learn more about what exactly our members are struggling with, what they are seeking advice on, and what we can further explore in future calls, forum discussions, and even courses. Ultimately, our goal is to cater everything we offer to the members who are in our Inner Circle. If there is a demand for more of one topic or another, we aim to provide value to our members by gearing our offerings towards those demands. Once you form a part of our Inner Circle and start attending these calls, you can also contribute to the discussions about what topics we will be covering in future calls. This is a great way to take full advantage of your membership, really get the most out of all of the opportunities.

Getting to talk with you guys face to face, albeit through a video call, is a special opportunity that we treasure as coaches, getting to know you each individually and helping you along on your journey. This is why we love what we do!


Do you also want to strive for optimal well-being? Then discover our awesome community of individuals aiming to Live better, not perfect.

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