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Feature Highlight: The Livebnp Community Forum

people well-being Dec 05, 2022


If you’ve been reading some of our more recent blog posts, you will have probably heard us mention our Community Forum. Now, if you aren’t already a member of our Livebnp Tribe or Inner Circle, or you just occasionally check in on our blog or follow us on social media, you might not know what we’re talking about quite yet. 


Before we begin, let's define the Livebnp Tribe. The Tribe consists of every individual who is connected with Livebnp in any way, including everyone that is subscribed to our email list, our blog, and our monthly email newsletter. And our Tribe members receive all of these great benefits completely free of cost. The Tribe is for anyone wanting to stay up to date on well-being topics through weekly blog posts from our expert coaches, receive monthly updates on what's happening behind the scenes at Livebnp through our newsletter, and be the first to hear about our new exclusive offerings.





In order to move forward and for you to fully understand the structure of Livebnp, we will also define our Inner Circle. Our Livebnp Inner Circle consists of all of our paid members who have an active subscription to Livebnp and are therefore at the heart of our community. The members of our Inner Circle have exclusive access to three primary features: our Community Forum, Expert Live Calls, and Online Courses. 


If you aren’t yet familiar with these features, you’re in the right place. This is part one of a three-part series highlighting the three primary features of our Livebnp Inner Circle. Today we are covering the Community Forum. Here we are going to delve into exactly what you can expect from our Community Forum, what types of discussions we are having, and how to get the most out of it once you form a part of the Inner Circle.


We LOVE the Community Forum. It is such a powerful tool within this platform, and by the end of this post we want you to be just as excited about the potential benefits that you could reap from this feature as we are. And we’re excited. We have already seen huge growth with our members over on the Forum, and we want you to be a part of it. 





We also LOVE connecting with you guys. The Forum is one of the ways in which we are able to have conversations within our Inner Circle, and engage with each other, all while sharing problems and solutions, having discussions, seeking advice, and feeling a part of something bigger than ourselves. This Forum is not just to ask and answer questions. Although it's a great place to be able to do that. It is also a place to CONNECT with each other. All the coaches and members have the opportunity to get to know one another, connect on deeper topics, and share what we are facing and learning in our day-to-day lives.





We have created this space in order for our members to not only connect, but also to keep each other accountable. One thing that we have seen over and over again with our coaching clients over at Eat better, not perfect, is that accountability really is key. Sure, sometimes we just don’t have the knowledge to make changes on our own, or don’t know where to start. But more times than not, we just need someone to keep us accountable. Someone who has gone through what we are going through, understands the struggles, and is willing and able to be there when we need extra support. This is where our community comes in. As coaches and members of this community, we have all had unique experiences, yet we can all relate to each other through so many commonalities throughout our journeys. Sometimes motivation just doesn't come from within, and we need the help of the people around us to continue working towards our goals. Check out our blog post here where we touch on other things to do when you are feeling low on motivation. And if you are interested in experiencing what it's like to hve this type of community and accountability this year, consider joining our tribe HERE!




Another huge benefit to being a part of a community such as the Livebnp Inner Circle is the KNOWLEDGE you can gain on a daily basis. We will go further into detail in our next blog post about the Online Course feature of this membership, but in addition to that, the Community Forum is a place you can bring any and all questions, to be answered by experts in the field. We have a team of coaches, all with distinct backgrounds, specializations, and qualifications to be able to answer all of your questions! Whether you've been researching a new supplement and want to know if it's worth buying or not, are looking for new workout routine suggestions, or want to start incorporating a morning routine but aren't quite sure where to start, our coaches are there to give advice, answer your questions, and discuss these topics.

There are also new discussion topics posted daily within the community forum. Our coaches and members are constantly finding new health and well-being-related topics that they want to share, and starting discussions around articles, videos, or interesting topics they have seen. We invite our members to share their thoughts, seek advice, and start discussions! We can learn so much from either other in this way.

Each week on Sunday, after 7 days full of new discussions, topics, and questions, we send out a Weekly Forum Digest, where we highlight a few of the key discussions we had on the forum. This is sent out to our entire Inner Circle, so that those who may have missed some of the discussions have a chance to go back and interact on some of the most popular topics from that week. This is a great way to keep up to date with everything we are discussing and not fall behind on any important information!


Below is an example of what a post on our Forum looks like. This was a post touching on the topic of limiting beliefs, by one of our coaches, Heleen. She shared a personal story and asked our community members about their experiences with limiting beliefs as well, and how they've overcome them in the past.






As you can see, this post is categorized under the "Well-Being" tab. Let's take a look at what other categories we are offering on the Forum. 

Share Your Wins!

As your community, we want to know about ALL of the success you are having on this journey, small or big. This is a space for members to share their wins with others, as well as a space to seek inspiration from others on this journey!


This category is one of our most popular. This is where our members can discuss the elements of, or ask questions about, our Livebnp Well-Being Triangle, obstacles they are having in their own journeys, or discuss new trends or topics in the well-being area. 


During our Expert Live Calls, we often introduce challenges for our members to take part in. Some of the topics we have already discussed are, prioritization, morning routines, and self-awareness. This category is for those who are participating in one of our challenges to share their experiences and ask questions to fellow challengers.

Sports & Nutrition

While Livebnp is focused on overall well-being and health, with that comes sports and nutrition as well. These two topics play a huge part in overall well-being, and as nutrition coaches and personal trainers, our coaches are also able to address sports and nutrition-specific questions and discussions. Here we discuss anything from how our nutrition habits affect our sports performance, questions from individuals new to sports or exercise, and more specific nutrition-related questions.


As the third part of our Inner Circle, members have access to Online Courses. This category is for course-specific questions or topics, where members are able to speak with others who are also working through the same courses, and to be able to support each other through the learning process.





Finally, we want this community forum to be a place where our members can have fun. A place where they can catch up after our bi-weekly live calls, a place they can check in on each other, and a place they can come to connect with others. There is no reason to feel like we are alone on this journey to optimal well-being, and we know it is so important to be surrounded by good people both in life, and online. So we encourage you to continue following along and check out our other two feature highlights coming soon: Online Courses and Expert Live Calls.




Do you also want to strive for optimal well-being? Then discover our awesome community of individuals aiming to Live better, not perfect.

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